Dedicated applications and business software are used to the improvement of various areas of activities. We create comprehensive IT tools for companies based on our authorial solutions and implementation Open Source software. We advise you in the selection of relevant functions, which the software connected with specific areas of activity should contain.

How we do?

  • Needs Analysis

    We start our work from the analyzing the demand for activity familiarizing with the specificity of activity. We carry out detailed research on areas and processes, which should be improved by entering appropriate IT solution.

  • Choosing a solution and implementation

    The next step is to choose the best method of creating dedicated tool. One of the possibilities is a modification, adaption to the individual needs of the entrepreneurship and implementation Open Source software. Another option is to develop proprietary software from scratch – we recommend this method in case of impossibility of an application of

  • Post-Implementation service and technical support

    Service also includes all of the post-implementation works: software maintenance, its updates and the introduction of necessary improvements connected with the emerging needs of organization. In the service we also provide maintenance work and hosting.

Why Open Source?

Open Source is a software in which the source code is available to open, read or modify by anyone. It has to be noted that Open Source solutions don’t depart from the software written from scratch. The modifications, adjustment and implementation of the software require advanced knowledge, experience and programming skills.

Advantages of Open Source

  • Time and money savings

    Solutions based on Open Source are cheaper than those built from scratch. It is due mainly to the existence of a numerous ready-made components which we have to modify or adjust – it however binds to less time spent on programming work at the design and creation of dedicated software from scratch.

  • Possibility of modification and adjustment

    Open Source gives an opportunity to interfere in the source code and its modification which enable adjustment of the software to the requirements of the company. Thanks to that it is possible to mix a lot of components and functionalities.

  • Stability and security

    The idea of Open Source gives the possibility of modification and interfere in the same source code by many programmers in the world. Thanks to that it is possible to eliminate the mistakes and bugs, there are a lot of updates or new useful functionalities implemented. Apart from the incessant development of software it also

How we do?

We design websites and create online stores using Open Source projects.

  • wordpress
  • woocomerce
  • jigoshop
  • opencart
  • prestashop
  • joomla
  • osticket
  • sugarcms